Driver Testimonials

There’s no substitute for hearing about a company from the drivers who actually work there! We’re proud to introduce you to some Equity Transportation drivers, and we hope you’ll ask others that you see on the road what they think about us.
Once you do, we’re confident you will be ready to join the Equity family!

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Terron D

Terron Dorsey from Chesterton, MD joined Equity Transportation in Feb 2011 as a company driver and signed on to our Lease purchase program in Oct 2012. Today he has paid off his truck and received his title, a goal he had set for himself.

Brian G

I got this truck new in 06 and just turned a million and some change it sure has been a good truck. Going to try for another million!

Jack H

I started driving with Equity in June of 2000 and I have enjoyed working here ever since. The dispatchers have always worked well with me and the mechanics work hard to keep my truck running. When it comes to home time, Equity gets me home. Even when I have had family emergencies they have got me home. My experience with Equity has been a great experience.

Rickey S.

We love being a part of the Equity family. I have been here for 7 months and it has been the best!

Roger D.

I have worked for Equity for 7 years and the reason I stay is I like what I do. I get to be home every weekend and I bring home a nice check. Plus, they are friendly and easy to get along with.

Scott M.

I started with Equity in the student program and now am a trainer myself. I was running OTR for some time when I was leered away from Equity hoping for success from a company with promises that weren’t kept. I very quickly realized that not every company out there has all their drivers’ best intention at mind like Equity does. They always were encouraging and mindful of my achievements with me, especially when I doubted myself. I was welcomed back with open arms and now know that my home is Equity Transportation!

Kevin K.

I like that Equity is located close to my home. They are family oriented. That people are not known by a number but by their names. I appreciate that they get me home to see my family as often as possible. I enjoy working out of the warehouse. I really like having choices for my loads. And I enjoy training new students.

Jason R

Equity is Awesome and so are their drivers!! Great pay! Run legal? Ha, you better…or they will have your booty! We love the family feel we get at Equity whether from the office personnel, shop, or dispatchers! Dispatchers are AWESOME!! Communication is the key- all you have to is talk to them. We are all human so therefore we are not perfect, but they fix everything that is brought to the table. If I have issues I call and it gets fixed within a decent time frame. Payroll? I like the checks! They are Pretty! I am the lease op of a gorgeous Freightliner Classic. I have been on the other side and I have chosen to come back to Equity. Yep, they love us. The good thing is I can call and they know me and the drivers and our families by name. Just let them know when you need to be home and they do their best. For lease ops like me, I tell them when I want off and they get us within a decent radius and we can deadhead home. All in all Equity offers theirs drivers the whole package.

Alexis M.

I love working with Equity because of my dispatcher. We work well together! I get to go places where I haven’t been before, and at the same time I average between 2,500 and 3,000 miles per week. I get to go home whenever I need to, but I usually stay out 2 to 3 weeks at a time. If I ever have a problem I go to the necessary authorities and they always take care of it professionally. I’ve been with Equity for 4 years and they treat me like family- and that is what keeps me around!